This bust of Hermes, messenger of the gods, is from an original full-size marble statue by Praxiteles, dating to ca 343 BC and now in the Archaeological Museum in Olympia in the western Peloponnese.

It is the only original work of Praxiteles that has survived, and was found intact on his base several metres underground during excavations on the temple of Hera at the Panhellenic site of ancient Olympia in 1877 AD.

In the original composition, Hermes holds the infant Dionysus, who tries to take something from his hand: it is thought that Hermes was dangling a bunch of grapes in tantalising fashion, with baby Dionysos already showing his preference for wine.

The composition is gently humorous and tender. On the left shoulder of our reproduction can be seen part of Dionysos' tiny hand.

The beautiful white marble of Carrara in Tuscany was used for the Pantheon in ancient Rome, and was a favourite of Michelangelo. The sculptures in this collection - made for us in the UK - are created using a process of 'dry casting', so that each sculpture contains over 90% marble.

The high quality is such that there will be no discoloration - other than natural patination and ageing - should the sculptures be placed outdoors.

dimensions Height including socle: 53cm

marble Hermes of Praxiteles (SPECIAL ORDER ITEM)

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