This bust is a replica of a Roman marble bust, itself a copy of a lost Greek bronze original, attributed to Skopas (fl:4C BC). Meleager's sunken eyes and slightly opened mouth are typical characteristics of Greek portrait sculptures in the early 4th century BC. The marble original on which our replica is based is in the British Museum and dates to the 2nd century AD.

Meleager was a hero venerated in Calydon, Aetolia and was famed as the host of the mythological Calydonian boar hunt. A prophecy had predicted that Meleager would die when a particular log was burned. In fear, Meleager's mother hid the log, allowing her son to become a great warrior. Years later, after Meleager's father Oeneus failed to venerate the goddess Artemis in a sacrifice, Oeneus' kingdom was ravaged by a large boar sent by Artemis herself, so he called his son to summon Greece bravest heroes to hunt that very boar.

Those who came to the hunt included Theseus, Nestor, Jason, Castor & Pollux, and Atalanta. Meleager led the hunt and successfully killed the boar, giving its pelt to Atalanta with whom he had fallen in love. Meleager's jealous uncles attempted to steal the pelt but were eventually killed by Meleager for doing so. In an act of anger for the deaths of her brothers, Meleager's mother recovered the log she had previously hidden and, in a heated rage, burned the log, causing Meleager to die as was once prophesied.                            

Made for us in the UK in cast Carrara marble, he is suitable for outdoors as well as indoors.

dimensions etc Height including his base: 63cm Width: 34cm Depth: 26cm 16kg

marble bust of Meleager (LAST ONE)

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