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An aryballos used for carrying small amounts of oil or perfume, quite often to the palaistra for use after exercise. They could be tethered to the wrist with string for ease when carrying or remained in a domestic setting.

This black figure aryballos has the god of the north wind, Boreas, depicted on the front. He is often depicted with wings in a running motion as we can see here. The rim and handle are carefully detailed with added red tones.

The original, dating to the Middle Corinthian period of ca 600-575BC, was made in Corinth.

This silver stater coin from Peparethos (now Skopelos), dating to ca 490 BC shows winged Boreas in full flight, with winged sandals and wreaths in each hand.

Silver stater from Peparethos (Skopelos) 490BC with running Boreas god of the north wind

This aryballos was made and hand-painted for us in Greece. Below, an example of a similar aryballos now in the British Museum.

Corinthian aryballos with winged Boreas at the British Museum

dimensions etc Height: 6cm

Corinthian aryballos - Boreas

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