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Parthenon Collection

This is one of the most iconic buildings from the Golden Age of Athens - that time in the second half of the 5th century BC when Perikles was the dominant statesman at the helm of the project to regenerate the city after the ransacking of the Akropolis during the conflict with Persia.

The Parthenon, built to honour Athena, the patron deity of Athens, was the jewel in the crown. Work began in 447BC and it took only 15 years to complete, including the building itself in all its complexity, the vast gold and ivory cult statue of Athena Parthenos within, and the vast quantity of decorative sculptures, with the two pediments carved fully in the round.

Our current collection consists of our new set of four reduced scale replica Parthenon Frieze panels, suitable for outdoor use, and our four replicas of the famous head of the horse of Selene. The originals of all these are in the British Museum.

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