The original horse, of which only the front part remains, was dedicated to Athena ca 490-480 BC and is now in the Akropolis Museum in Athens. The horse would have stood alone, without a rider and was a symbol of victory in a race for horses alone. This is a confident horse - his half-opened mouth, raised ears, open nostrils convey a pride in recent victory, his raised right hoof, pawing at the ground, suggests he is eager for the next!

He is cast for us, in Greece, using the traditional 'lost wax' method. As nothing is mass-produced, there will inevitably be slight variations in patination and colouring. Each piece is, therefore, unique. He is mounted on a marble base.

Read more about the horse in ancient Greece in Insights on our archived WordPress site. 

dimensions Height including his marble base: 40cm Width from nose to end: 15cm Depth of horse: 7cm

large bronze horse front

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