The image on this tile is inspired by the designs painted on Attic black-figure Panathenaic amphorae of the fifth and fourth centuries B.C, which often depicted athletes in action. For example, this Panathenaic amphora (see image below) dating to ca 530-520 B.C., now in the British Museum, shows four athletes engaged in the pentathlon, a five-event competition, comprising the long jump, discus throw, javelin throw, short foot race, and wrestling.

These amphorae would have been filled with olive oil and given to the victors at the Panathenaia, a yearly festival held in honour of the patron goddess of the city, Athena.

black figure ceramic tile long jump inspired by black figure Panathenaic amphora at the British Museum

The athlete on our tile stands on his tip-toe, with one leg raised, peraps ready to land or to take off. The muscles in his torso and thighs are clearly defined by the use of incised lines scratched into the paint. He carries a set of dumbbells, used to maintain balance during the jump.

This tile is produced and hand-painted for us in Greece. There may be a slight variation in colour from piece to piece. In order to make them look as close to the original as possible, many of the tiles have a 'craquelure' effect, to replicate the fine pattern of "cracking" formed on the surface of paintings, caused by the ageing of paints and pigments.

Should you wish to put these tiles in a bathroom or garden, we recommend that you apply a coat of transparent PVA sealant to protect them from rain and frost. They are supplied ready to hang, with a sturdy, embedded metal strip or, if preferred, they can be incorporated as features within a tiled wall.

dimensions etc 12cm x 12cm Depth: 1.5cm

black figure ceramic tile - long jump

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