• Alexander the Great and Nike relief panel

The original relief, known as the 'Alexander Frieze', is attributed to the neo-classical artist Bertel Thorvaldsen and is now on display in the Thorvaldsen museum in Copenhagen. This relief is a fragment of the larger frieze and depicts Alexander the Great on a chariot accompanied by Nike, the goddess of victory, as he triumphantly enters Babylon.

Made in the UK. This collection is suitable for outdoors as well as indoors. 

The material is finely ground marble. This is then cast from a mould with a synthetic organo compound. This process strengthens the relief to make it light enough to hang on any wall with the fixings already applied. The relief panel has a concealed raised wooden baton into which the fixings are embedded.

The finish on the back is the same as that used by Brucciani when he made his plaster casts of historical replicas in the 19th century. He always used hessian as a finish to reinforce the back of the relief.

dimensions etc Width: 95cm Height: 53cm Depth: 7cm Approximately 12kg

Alexander the Great and Nike relief panel

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