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The original of this relief panel, from the West frieze slab VIII of the Parthenon, dates to 440BC and is currently in the British Museum. A bearded rider is depicted attempting to restrain his horse during the procession.

The frieze (or 'zoophoros', ie that which depicts living things - mortals, immortals and animals) was set high up on the inner colonnade of this temple, home of the cult statue of Athena Parthenos. It was 160 metres long and 106cm high: a continuous 'ribbon' of sculpture, beginning at the south-west corner of the building, then making its way along the north and south sides to culminate at the east end: the main entrance to the temple. Carved in marble, it was set in position ca 440BC. It is thought to represent either the Panathenaic procession in honour of Athena, or a procession to honour the 192 Athenians who were killed at the Battle of Marathon in 490BC.

Made for us in the UK. This collection is suitable for outdoors as well as indoors.

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The material is finely ground marble. This is then cast from a mould with a synthetic organo compound. This process strengthens the relief to make it light enough to hang on any wall with the fixings already applied. The relief panel has a concealed raised wooden baton into which the fixings are embedded.

The finish on the back is the same as that used by Brucciani when he made his plaster casts of historical replicas in the 19th century. He always used hessian as a finish to reinforce the back of the relief.

dimensions Height: 100cm Width: 145cm Depth: 5cm Weight: approximately 20kg

Parthenon Frieze actual size replica : Lone Rider (SPECIAL ORDER ITEM)

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