The original of this relief panel, dating to 440BC, is currently in the British Museum and is a fragment of the larger West frieze slab VIII from the Parthenon. In its entirety, the panel depicts a horseman attempting to restrain his spirited horse.

The frieze (or 'zoophoros', ie that which depicts living things - mortals, immortals and animals) was set high up on the inner colonnade of this temple, home of the cult statue of Athena Parthenos. It was 160 metres long and 106cm high: a continuous 'ribbon' of sculpture, beginning at the south-west corner of the building, then making its way along the north and south sides to culminate at the east end: the main entrance to the temple. Carved in marble, it was set in position ca 440BC. It is thought to represent either the Panathenaic procession in honour of Athena, or a procession to honour the 192 Athenians who were killed at the Battle of Marathon in 490BC.

Made in the UK, this panel is suitable for indoors and outdoors. Please allow between 4-6 weeks for delivery.

The material is a composite crushed marble.

dimensions Height: 55cm Width: 50cm Depth at the 'deepest' point of the relief: 8cm

Parthenon Frieze fragment - horse head (SPECIAL ORDER ITEM)

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