Original black-figure drinking cups like this date to the 6th century BC and would have been used at symposia. As the wine was consumed, the image painted on the interior of the cup would reveal itself to the imbiber as he became more and more inebriated! Here, we can see a satyr and a maenad, both followers of the god of revelry Dionysos, engaging with each other. The maenad offers a bowl with her hand outstretched, while the satyr appears to be following her eagerly. The hair and clothing of the figures has been picked out in added red paint; the interior rim, exterior, and foot have been covered in black glaze. The iconography reflects the vessel's use at what were often excessive and raucous drinking parties.

This vessel was made and painted for us in Greece.

Replica ancient Greek black-figure kylix vase with satyr and Maenad, painted pottery available for sale It's All Greek online and in London.

dimensions etc Diameter:12x12cm

black-figure kylix: satyr and maenad

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