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This image is taken from a vase attributed to the Amasis Painter. The original amphora, dating to ca 550-500BC, is now in the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris.

Amasis, along with Exekias was a pioneer and master of the black-figure technique in Athens during the sixth century BC.

Athena, goddess of wisdom, intelligence and strategy, is shown here with her uncle, Poseidon the god of the sea. It is likely that the scene represents the contest held between them for the (then hitherto unnamed) city of Athens. Whilst Poseidon had offered the city a salt-water spring, Athena offered the olive tree. The citizens chose her, she gave her name to Athens and thereafter was the protective deity of the city.

Athena is shown fully armed, with helmet, spear and her signature aegis, Poseidon with his trident. Down the length of the trident is written in Greek 'AMASIS MEPOIESE' - 'Amasis made me'.

Hand-painted for us in Greece.

dimensions etc Height: 17cm

black-figure lekythos - Athena and Poseidon

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