This lekythos features three satyrs in the Classical black-figure style the ancient Greeks developed during the 7th-5th centuries B.C. Lekythoi would have contained oil or perfume and were often ritual vessels used for offering libations to the deceased.

For this reason, many display scenes of mourning or domestic life, however, this lekythos shows a lively, energetic scene. The Dionysiac satyrs, decked in grapevine garlands, appear to be dancing to the sound of double pan pipes. Inscriptions follow the curve of the satyrs' form and red paint has been used to highlight muscle and attire. A faunal design covers the shoulder of the vase and the rim, foot and handle have been painted a darker colour.

This vessel was made and painted for us in Greece.

dimensions Height: 27cm

black-figure lekythos - Dionysiac satyrs

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