Daily update


One of the things I have most enjoyed over the last 20 years has been to establish a connection with customers at the shop, by phone and by email.

So, as you might imagine, we have amassed a great many comments, conversations and anecdotes from our customers over two decades. I hope these, just from the last couple of years or so in Bloomsbury until we left in June 2018, will give you an idea of life at It's All Greek.

I am rather behind with putting up comments and feedback since leaving the shop as I am running the show on my own now!


December 2017 (Washington, USA, customer since 2010)

Cycladic contemplation figure

“Thanks, Elinor--I always enjoy your cheery notes! Just wanted to let you know that the package arrived today, all in good condition, and the contemplation figure is already on a bookshelf, reminding me to slow down & reflect on life once in a while....”


December 2017 (Australia, new customer this year)

“Thank you so much Elinor! The pendants are so sweet and the mini horses are absolutely divine! I’m so thrilled with all the products…”

And a little earlier in the year…

“....and a huge THANK YOU from Australia!!  My items arrived safely today and I'm so very pleased with the items, and, your customer care is absolutely first class. I look forward to future purchases.”


December 2017 (Tasmania, customer since 2010)

Hi Elinor…..So sorry we didn’t see you on the last visit – we weren’t in London for long (worse luck!)…Good to see the scaffolding had gone from outside the shop!! Christmas is here again, and I have the fondest memories of my Christmas in the UK – and the visit to the shop where the mulled wine was bubbling away. Bliss !!


December 2017 (USA, new customer, researching a very special project…)

MM-063 Minoan labrys bowl and MM-222 pointed labrys amphora

“YES!!! Hello Elinor and pardon my delayed reply ~ they both arrived in perfect shape and yes, I love them! Thank you so very very much - I am going to video them next week and insert into the film and I am so excited for that!.... so thrilled to have found you!”


November 2017 (UK, new customer this year)

SA-075 marble bust of Antinoos

Dear Louise,

Antinoos arrived safely at 1:45 this afternoon, (really well packed for which I thank you.)

Well, what can I say, it’s absolutely beautiful and matches exactly the bust of Ariadne which I’d bought from the British Museum.  It’s such fantastic quality (even down to the medallion in the base.)  The only trouble is my flat isn’t big enough to take many more, but I shall certainly be trying.  Anyway, thanks again for such a pleasant and happy deal…


October 2017 (UK, 2017 customer)

Collection of Minoan fresco tiles: La Parisienne, dolphins, bull leaping, Prince of lilies….


“It was lovely to meet you in August when we came up to London to choose the tiles for our new kitchen...... They are a wonderful blending of our two teaching careers. We could not be more pleased…..”


August 2017 (New Jersey, USA, customer since 2015)

Selection of Minoan tiles and BE-13 Marathon Youth

I returned to the new house to discover the package sitting majestically in the driveway. (Your inquiries with the shipper may have brought about the miraculous appearance or maybe it was the divine intervention…)

.......Apollo emerged glowing and undamaged from the bubble wrap and now presides over the living room and master bedroom……The Minoans are marching along

the mantle above the fireplace. Thanks for the efforts to locate the package and, of course, for the brilliant art!


August 2017 (UK, customer with a young classicist in the family!)

SA-087 marble Apollo Belvedere and then BA-36 bronze geometric horse

“Thanks very much - and how amazing of you to remember my order from last year….The budding classicist himself absolutely loved Apollo. Birthday time again, so I'm hoping the bronze horse will also be a hit. He goes up to university in September to begin his Classics degree. 

Delivery timing sounds perfect - many thanks.”


July 2017 (Devon UK, new this year!)

JV-122 lion earrings

“Many thanks for the wonderful lion earrings received today. That are absolutely exquisite! I was so impressed by the quality of the earrings and the excellent service you provide…..I discovered  your website quite by chance as l was browsing Greek and Minoan jewellery…..”


July 2017 (UK since 2016)

VO-84 birth of Athena lekythos

“Thank you so much for the swift delivery; yes the order was for my son.. He is currently doing an OU classics degree. When we next come up to the British Museum he wants to pop in and see your range. Really appreciated your excellent service.”


June 2017 (Connecticut, USA, customer since 2015)

JV-003 orbs bracelet

 “Hi, It's All Greek Folks:

 My beautiful bracelet arrived safe and sound yesterday.  I may take it off sometime before I die, but I find that possibility unlikely!”


June 2017 (Customer from Switzerland, since 2016)

VO-205 Corinthian oinochoe and BA-33 bronze griffin

“The package was comming yesterday, just in Time….the pieces are wonderful. Best wishes to all from Tirol”


February 2017 (Customer from Minnesota USA, since 2011)

BH-40 bronze helmet


“Yup, it arrived and it’s a beaut !”


January 2017 (Andy, UK, customer since 2013)

BA-33 griffin and BA-29 ibex

Happy New Year to you , the Griffin and Ibex came this afternoon and I'm very pleased with both, I particularly like the Ibex due to its simple organic design, they both remind me of the stylised beasts of celtic mythology.”

December 2016 (Nancy, UK, Customer since 2012) buying for her brother

VO-24 Corinthian oinochoe

“…(he)loves his collection and has never been anything less than delighted with how beautiful the pieces are.”

August 2016 (Neill, NSW Australia, couldn’t keep away in 2016..!)

Marble lions

My lions arrived safely this morning…They're magnificent and will hold a special place amongst my "treasures." Securely packed and expedient delivery. Best service I've experienced to date.


September 2016 (Lydia, USA, new customer)

BC-04 bronze Cycladic figure.


“Oh wow. You are so nice and are making me so happy with your enthusiasm on a hot and humid day in Pittsburgh. We love the Cycladic figures in general and always visit the museum in Athens when we are there.


September 2016 (Lesley, UK, customer since 2013)

And then saved up for a bronze boat…

“Well - what can I say. It's here, assembled and looks amazing….Can't wait for it to get dark and cast a shadow on the wall”

Bronze hoplite warrior

He arrived super quickly and I love him lots. Saving up for the Greek ship next!

Too many lovely things. Thank you - excellent service and loved the personal note that came with my hoplite - unusual to get such nice thoughtful customer service and made me feel rather special.”


October 2016 (a regular customer since 2003!)

bronze phiale and bronze lidded dish with Greek key design

Arrived it did, to my delight and with thanks for your unparalleled taste in offerings!


July 2016 – a new UK customer

Labrys earrings and pendant

Yes it all arrived on time and well packaged. Thankyou. Our daughter was delighted with her pendant and earrings. We will certainly be looking at your web site for other gifts very soon!


July 2016 – A customer at the shop who had an item sent home to the USA.


Greetings from Arkansas, USA! Just as I opened your email this morning, the doorbell rang, and the postal worker delivered a package containing the vase.  I've now opened the (well-protected) package, and I'm pleased to say that not only did the vase arrive safely, but that I am just as pleased with it in my home as I was in the shop!  Thanks and best wishes!


July 2016 – a returning customer from the USA

bronze runners and helmet  

The package arrived today. Both, the runners and the helmet survived the aerial Odyssey --  everything is in good shape. I am in love with both. Thank you for checking in and the lovely notecard. You guys are the best.


July 2016 – a new customer from the UK

Athena pendant

Yes the pendant arrived safely and nicely packaged.  It is beautiful - very good quality and the design well executed.  My granddaughter, now M.A. Honours in Philosophy and International Relations was delighted with it - and I felt that it was a most appropriate gift. Many thanks. 


June 2016 – a returning UK customer

Minoan octopus stirrup jar

It's beautiful. Thank you for your prompt service and expert packing. That was a work of art in itself!  Best wishes


July 2016 – a customer in search for a special birthday gift for her daughter

marble Little Philosopher bookends

Chloe was absolutely thrilled with the presents and so was I. They look even better than I ever imagined. I'm sure we will be adding to her collection in the very near future!! Many thanks again for your wonderful customer service. 


May 2016a returning customer since 2003!

Minoan snake goddess

The Snake Goddess has arrived and is being duly venerated - terrific packing job, not a scratch on her.  Now, if I can just convince some of these prudish locals to give her attire a go!

All the best to you,


May 2016 – a new customer from the UK

Pair of marble Canova lion bookends.

Thanks very much all my items arrived on Friday morning; I am a very happy customer. Thank you all for your help, lions happy in their new home.


March 2016 – a returning customer in the UK

Minoan fresco tile
Just to say the tile arrived safely yesterday, well wrapped up.  It is a nice addition to the collection. The Kore is still being enjoyed, as is our earlier purchase of a Greek relief. Thank you again for your excellent customer service.

February 2016 - a new customer in the USA
black figure Panathenaic amphora

The amphora has arrived and is everything I had hoped for - thank you! It is truly beautiful and catches my eye every day. Thanks for following up with me.


February 2016, from a new customer in Australia

Mini bronze helmet

The little helmet arrived OK, and as quick as stated. Thank you. It is a classy little object, and I am more than happy.


January 2016, from a new customer in the UK

Large Phaistos Disc

The disc arrived intact and in time, on Thursday morning, as anticipated, and the recipient was delighted with it. Many thanks, you made it so easy to get that gift sorted out!


January 2016, from a new customer in Canada

Owl coin pendant and a woven cuff

Both items arrived a few days ago and they look fantastic! Thank you so much for the speedy delivery as well as for the little gift bag! I am sure she will love the gifts! I have had nothing but a wonderful shopping experience with It's All Greek, and will most definitely come back again.


January 2016, from a returning customer in the UK

Owl coin cufflinks

I gave the cufflinks to my brother and he was bowled over with them, he thought they were superb! I might have to buy myself a pair now! Many thanks for operating such a wonderful shop and having great customer service.


January 2016, from a new customer in the UK

Small bronze helmet on base with Greek key crest

Oh my goodness, yes, the little helmet arrived very safely thank you. My husband was thrilled to bits and slightly moved to tears on Christmas Day when he opened the present.Your customer service is brilliant – the care with the packaging, the inclusion of a gift bag and tissue paper (almost too good to use!) and the personal note from yourself. Again thank you so much and we will definitely be visiting you shop when we are next in London.


January 2016, from a new customer in Germany

Gold owl pendant

Yes, Yes. All is well. The Owl Pendant arrived safely, and was opened on Christmas morning. It was even lovelier than I had imagined it to be. Somehow, it seemed larger as well, though the dimensions were right. Thanks Again to the Artist and Craftsman.


December 2015, from a new customer in the USA

Alexander the Great cufflinks and a woven ornate shield

Thank you for the careful packaging. Both pieces have arrived in perfect condition… Again, thank you for the care you've taken throughout this process. I'm a customer you will hear from again!

Akropolis Nike relief
chariot race
Minoan Blue Ladies fresco tile
Alexander relief panel
torc necklaces