The stirrup jar is so-called because of the inverted stirrup-shape of the handles. with its fluid octopus design is typical of the Late Minoan period. Marine motifs, like the octopus, work well on a variety of vase shapes, because their shapes are simple, irregular and sinuous and translate well to two-dimensional representation. This Marine Style is also characterised by 'horror vacui', literally 'an abhorrence of emptiness', so a need to fill every available space with some ornamentation.

Here, as in many other similar vessels, the octopus swims diagonally, with rockwork, coral, seaweed and shells filling the space between the tentacles. The original of this piece, found at the palace at Knossos, is in the museum in Heraklion, Crete and dates to ca 1500 BC.

Our collection of Minoan pottery is made in Greece. The vases themselves are manufactured in Greece, the images transferred and painted by hand.

Shown here (left) with the larger and the mini stirrup jars:

dimensions Height: 9cm

small Minoan octopus stirrup jar

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