On this coin, Athena is on the obverse, wearing a Corinthian helmet which is decorated with a coiled serpent, representing the Athenian chthonic deity Erichthonios.

On the reverse, winged standing Nike holds a wreath. Next to her, in Greek capitals, is ALEXANDROU, translated as (this is a coin) 'of Alexander'.

Early in his reign, Alexander embarked on a monetary reform, with the aim of making Macedonian more competitive and 'international'.

For the silver coins, he emulated Athenian coinage; for the gold staters, he introduced depictions of Athena and Nike, the winged goddess of Victory. Alexander chose Athena because of her dominant role as supporter of the Greeks in Homer's Iliad (apparently Alexander's favourite book) and Nike for her association with victory and success. This is a copy of the latter.

dimensions etc drop: 4cm, diameter of coin: 1.5cm

Athena and Nike coin earrings

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