The double axe, or 'labrys' was a recurrent motif in the art and jewellery of the ancient Minoans and was especially associated with priestesses. To find a labrys in the hands of a Minoan woman indicated that she held a powerful position within this colourful, artistic and sophisticated culture, which flourished on Crete and on Santorini ca 2700-1500BC.

This bronze labrys is cast for us, in Greece, using the traditional 'lost wax' method. As nothing is mass-produced, there will inevitably be slight variations in patination and colouring. Each piece is, therefore, unique. Also, please allow for variations of a millimetre or two from the specified height.

It is mounted on sturdy wood which is then mounted on a marble base.

Read more about the significance of the Labrys in Minoan Crete in Insights on our archived WordPress site.

replica ancient Greek Minoan labrys double axe online from It's All Greek London

dimensions etc Height: 45cm Width: 38cm Depth:13cm

giant bronze labrys double-axe on a marble base

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