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A simple pendant in the form of a labrys.

The labrys is the term for a double-headed axe, known in ancient Greece as a pelekys. It was a recurrent motif in the art and frescoes of the Minoans on Crete and appears to have been used exclusively by Minoan priestesses as a ceremonial item. Of all the Minoan religious symbols, the axe was the holiest. To find such an axe in the hands of a Minoan woman would indicate that she held high status.

Our collection of jewellery is handmade for us in Greece and is inspired by, the traditional 'Greek key' or Meandros design, the art and jewellery of the Minoan civilisation - as here - , and the animals that played a significant part in ancient Greek culture.

Read more about the significance of the Labrys in Minoan Crete in Insights on our archived WordPress site.

dimensions etc Drop: 3cm W:1.8cm Please note that we do not supply chains.

labrys double-axe pendant (small)

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