We love this recent addition to our Kamares collection!

The Kamares style is so named after the sanctuary on Mount Ida, where extensive numbers of this pottery were excavated in 1890. Kamares pottery is the first 'polychrome' Minoan pottery and dates to the early second millennium BC. The colours are predominantly dark reds and browns with white detail. Characteristic themes depicted are spirals and rosettes, papyrus lilies, shellfish, crocuses and palm trees, all highly stylised. Usually the entire surface of the pot is densely covered, but sometimes the space is partitioned by bands.

Our collection of Minoan pottery is made in Greece. The vases themselves are manufactured in Greece, the images transferred and painted by hand.

Shown here with the other two, larger, cups in our Kamares collection:

replica ancient Minoan Kamares cups from itsallgreek.co.uk

dimensions Height: 6cm Diameter (not including handle): 7cm

mini Minoan Kamares cup

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