The 'Prince with Lilies', also known as the 'Priest King'. The slender young figure is wearing a Minoan loincloth and a splendid crown of lilies and peacock feathers. With his left hand, he was probably holding a sacred animal, possibly a sphinx or a griffin. The original fresco, found in the palace at Knossos in Crete, is now in the Museum at Heraklion (shown below in situ) and dates to ca1500BC.

Made for us in Greece, our collection of ceramic wall-tiles are painted by hand, so there may be a slight variation in colour from piece to piece. In order to make them look as close to the original as possible, many of the tiles have a 'craquelure' effect, to replicate the fine pattern of "cracking" formed on the surface of paintings, in particular due to the ageing of paints and pigments.

Should you wish to put these tiles in a bathroom or garden, we recommend that you apply a coat of transparent PVA sealant to protect them from rain and frost. They are supplied ready to hang, with a sturdy, embedded metal strip or, if preferred, they can be incorporated as features within a tiled wall.

Heraklion Museum Prince of Lilies fresco

dimensions etc Height: 48cm Width: 29cm Depth: 2.5cm

Minoan Prince with Lilies fresco tile (large)

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