A Time of Gifts 2019

The prototype for this helmet is the plain, uncrested Corinthian style of the 6th century BC. Originals of these can be seen in museums across the world, but the prototype used by our bronze supplier in Greece is in the Goulandris Collection in the Museum of Cycladic Art. This is an 'exact size' replica of the ancient 'life size' helmets.

This sized helmet, as with all our other bronze items, are cast for us, in Greece, using the traditional 'lost wax' method. You can still see the 'wax marks' on the inside.

As they are not mass-produced, there will inevitably be slight variations in patination and colouring. Each piece is, therefore, unique.

dimensions Height: 26cm 'Circumference' measurement around the crown of the head: 63cm

large bronze freestanding helmet

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