Athena, daughter of Zeus, was the goddess of intelligence, wisdom, resourcefulness and strategic thought. She was also the protectress of women and female crafts.

She was born, fully-armed, from the head of her father Zeus and is usually depicted - as here - in full armour: helmet, shield, spear and snake-fringed aegis (modestly reduced here).

Athena was also the patron goddess of Athens, the city to which she gave her name and the gift of the olive. She had a soft spot for Herakles, Jason, Achilles, Perseus and Odysseus, all of whom she helped at one time or another during their heroic exploits.

She was also associated with Nike, goddess of achievement and victory.

Her symbol was the owl and the olive. On her shield here, you can see the owl in the centre, sitting inside two branches of olive.

dimensions etc Height: 55cm from the top of her helmet to the bottom of her integrated base. Width from vertical line down from tip of spear to outer edge of shield: 25cm . Depth from top of spear to back of crest: 12cm . Diameter of her shield: 15cm . She weighs 4kg.
material Bronze, cast using the lost wax technique of ancient times.
country of origin Made in Greece. It's All Greek is proud to have been working with the Semitekolo family foundry for 20 years.

bronze Athena, goddess of intelligence

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