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The original bronze discus-thrower, dating to the mid 5th century BC, survives only in marble copies, dating to the Roman period, one of which is part of the Townley Collection in the British Museum. Another is in the Museo delle Terme in Rome. There is an excellent cast in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. This iconic piece was the work of the Athenian sculptor, Myron, whose main innovation, as shown here, was the concept of 'rhythmos' in sculpture: the essence of movement is captured in a moment of stillness.

He is cast for us, in Greece, using the traditional 'lost wax' method. As nothing is mass-produced, there will inevitably be slight variations in patination and colouring. Each piece is, therefore, unique.

replica ancient Greek bronze statue of discus thrower from It's All Greek London and online

dimensions etc Height: 13cm

bronze statue: Myron's discus-thrower

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