Born in Bithynia in AD110, Antinoos (or Antinous), lover of the Emperor Hadrian, drowned in the Nile at the age of twenty, reasons unknown. He was deified by Hadrian, who founded the city Antinopolis in his memory. Images of the beautiful youth abound on coinage and in portraiture during the 2nd century AD.

Replica bust of the Delphi Antinoos statue, found in the temple of Apollo at Delphi and now in the Archaeological Museum at Delphi.

This bust is cast for us, in Greece, using the traditional 'lost wax' method. As nothing is mass produced, there will inevitably be slight variations in patination and colouring.

He is mounted on a marble base.

dimensions etc Height: 25cm, including his marble base

bronze Antinoos of Delphi

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