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A hand-painted reproduction of a skyphos (a cup for drinking wine) dating to the late 5th/early 4th centuries BC. The original is in the museum of the Ancient Agora in Athens.

Many skyphoi of this kind were manufactured and painted in south Italy, in the many Greek colonies there, hence the name Magna Graecia ('Great Greece') given to that southernmost part of Italy. There are examples of owl skyphoi in museums all over the world.

The owl was the symbol of the Athena, goddess of intelligence, resourcefulness and strategy. She was also the protectress of the city of Athens, to which she gave her name and the gift of the olive tree. On these skyphoi, the owl is shown perched amidst olive leaves. Because the owl is so frequently painted on ancient skyphoi, the shape of the skyphos has become known as a 'glaux' - the ancient Greek word for owl. In Homer, the Athena was often given the epithet 'glaukopis' - the 'owl-eyed' goddess.

replica red-figure glaux owl skyphos with sterling silver Athens tetradrachm cufflinks

dimensions etc Height: 8cm
country of origin made and hand-painted in Greece

red-figure owl skyphos

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