The original can be seen in the British Museum and dates from around 480-470 BC. Rhytons have been found throughout Greece and the Near East as early as the Bronze Age and were often used for pouring libations or drinking during ceremonies. 

Attributed to the Syriskos Painter, the rim of this Attic vessel shows banqueters painted in the red figure style who are playing the popular game "kottabos". This involved diners throwing wine at a target whilst reclining on couches. Naturally this would prove rather difficult as the drinking party progressed. The ram's head would have been made from combining two halves of a mould vertically. The woolly neck is detailed with raised purple dots while the horns imitate hard enamel.

This piece was made and hand painted for us in Greece.

replica ancient Greek ram's head rhyton hand painted pottery available for sale at it's all greek.

dimensions Height: 20cm Width: 12cm

red-figure ram's head rhyton

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