The original, dating to ca 480BC, is in the Museo Etrusco Gregoriano in the Vatican.The scene is set on Mount Nysa. Hermes, god of transitions, presents the infant Dionysos to the aged satyr, Papposilenos who, together with the nymph Nysa and her companions, will nurture the child deity. Hermes can be identified by his winged hat and sandals, together with his wand, the kerykeion. Papposilenos, shown seated, holds the thyrsos - a long wand with interweaving ivy at its top -, a key element in the worship of Dionysos. On the reverse are shown three of the nine Muses: a simple, harmonious scene.

Hand-painted for us in Greece.

dimensions Height: 28cm

white-ground kalyx krater: the young Dionysos

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