The original lekythos dates to the late fifth century BC and is now in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. The scene is a poignant one - on the left, a woman stands, her arms outstretched to receive a goose from her departing husband or lover, on the right. He wears a cloak and carries a staff, perhaps an indication of his imminent departure.

The goose features often on white ground lekythoi; usually, they are depicted as offerings at the grave, representations of domestic pets or, as here, a symbolic gift. The goose was sacred to Aphrodite and, as such, became a symbol of domestic harmony as well as a favourite gift given by lovers to young women as a token of their love. 

This lekythos has been painted by hand for us in Greece. The muted colours are consistent with the original vase in its current state. The colours on the original lekythos would have been much more vibrant and striking.

dimensions etc Height: 26cm

white-ground lekythos: a tender farewell

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