An iconic and famous image associated with Classical Athens.

The 6 Karyatids were the dominant feature of the Porch on the south side of the Erechtheion on the Akropolis in Athens and supported the entablature and the roof of the building, facing towards the north side of the Parthenon. The Erechtheion, named after Erechtheios, legendary king of Athens, was constructed in the last quarter of the fifth century BC and was a complex and intricate building, housing a shrine to Athena and to her uncle Poseidon.

dimensions etc Height: 38cm
material Cast Carrara marble. Mounted on a marble base. The beautiful white marble of Carrara in Tuscany was used for the Pantheon in ancient Rome, and was a favourite of Michelangelo. The sculptures in this collection are created using a process of 'dry casting', so that each sculpture contains over 90% marble.
country of origin Made in the UK.

marble Karyatid

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