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The Story of It's All Greek

Welcome to It's All Greek!

This year, we celebrate our 18th birthday! Our first website (this is the 6th incarnation) went live in 2000.

Since 2003, we have been based in the heart of historic Bloomsbury, home to the British Museum. For three years at 19 Bury Place, then 9 years at 65 Great Russell Street, and since 2015 in 25a Museum Street.

PLEASE NOTE!  We are currently in a state of transition (supervised by Hermes of course!)

After 15 happy years in Bloomsbury, we will be leaving on Wednesday 20th June. We are open as usual on Saturday 16th, Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th from 10-5.30.

We specialise in fine replicas of ancient Greek art in bronze, marble and terracotta, hand-painted copies of ancient Greek pottery, and jewellery inspired by ancient Greek silver and gold coinage and symbols.

Nothing is mass-produced, and we work exclusively with small, independent businesses like ours. Our product range comes from a team of about 12 such companies: currently 9 in Greece and three in the UK.

The driving force behind It's All Greek is our passion for the things we sell. We aim to nurture interest in and enthusiasm for the art and spirit of ancient Greece, to promote the products of our suppliers and to provide our customers with the best possible quality and service. Our shop is where it all happens - welcoming our visitors and customers, hosting occasional events, designing and running our website, unpacking deliveries from our suppliers and packing up orders to send to our customers all over the world.

We have supplied our products to motion pictures 'Troy', 'Alexander' and 'Clash of the Titans', as well as to television documentaries, magazine photoshoots, museum shops, schools and education services.

We hope you enjoy our website!


Click here for details on how to phone us or email us.

For some 'archive' bits and bobs about us since 2000, have a look at our (not up to date, but interesting anyway!) Wordpress site here!

Team IAG

The core team consists of Elinor and Louise.

Each of us has a background in Classics from some stage in our education.

Thank you to those who have at some time in the last 18 years sailed with us for a while: Lauren, Jasmine, Alexandra, Nicola, Mark, Hayley, Philippa, Kate, Megan, Caroline, Alexis, Camila, Christine, Ana, Konrad, Liam, Isobel, Andrew and Jack.

How it all started

It's All Greek is the brainchild of Elinor Wynne Lloyd. Her parents, Dilys and Wynne, took her to Greece in 1972 when she was only 12 years old and that is where her love of Greece began.

Welsh-speaking Elinor is an Oxford graduate in and a professional teacher of Classics. She taught at Queen's Gate School in London for 16 years then independently in her own teaching business 'Locus Classicus' whilst setting up It's All Greek.

She has been running It's All Greek full-time since it began in 2000.

(in the photograph: Dilys, Wynne and Elinor on a nostalgic 'revisit' in Athens in 2003. Dil died in May 2005, and Wynne in April 2010.)